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Kiwidesk-A Chinese Manufacturer That Provides Two Tier Standing Desks

Kiwidesk, as an expert in the field of desk manufacturing, provides 2 tier standing desks. As we all know, in today’s global trade of desks, more and more customers pay more attention to the versatility and comfort of desks. 2 tier standing office The desk has two desktops and dual motors, which can keep the keyboard, mouse and staring table at a comfortable angle. The two tier adjustable standing desk manufactured by our company has various styles and provides customized services. If you are looking for a suitable mind reader 2 tier sit and stand desk on the market, please contact us to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Two Tier Standing Desk-A New Choice for Healthy Office

 The two tier adjustable standing desk is equipped with a dual-motor device, and two working areas up and down, making your office area more spacious.
 The 2 tier standing desk ergonomic design can easily change your working posture, standing or sitting, helping you develop good working habits.
 The two tier electric standing desks are all made of high-quality steel materials. The surface is treated, and the appearance is stylish and simple, which can be adapted to various places.


Kiwidesk Two Tier Adjustable Standing Desk Design

Kaikin has a professional R&D, design and production team, which can provide you with a variety of styles of two tier adjustable standing desk
two tier standing desk
two tier electric standing desk
mind reader 2 tier sit and stand desk
two tier adjustable standing desk

Why Choose Kiwidesk Two Tier Standing Desk?

If You Haven’t Found a Suitable Two Tier Electric Standing Desk  

Kiwidesk-China's Well-Known 2 Tier Standing Desks Manufacturer Wholesaler

Kiwidesk is one of the most reliable two tier electric standing desk manufacturers and wholesalers in China. Our advanced two tier adjustable standing desk equipment and technology can make your products better and more competitive in the market. Our excellent R&D and design team can also According to your needs, design and manufacture a two tier adjustable standing desk that can help you enhance your brand value.

Raw material
Laser cutting machine
Numerical control drilling
CNC bending
Automatic welding
Automatic spraying
Manual spraying
Pickling phosphating
Bearing assembly

Personalized Customization-Customize the Two Tier Adjustable Standing Desk Accessories You Need

Choose the two tier adjustable standing desk leg you like

Choose the two tier adjustable standing desk frame you like

Choose the desktops of two tier adjustable standing desk you like

Frequently Asked Question

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  • Q Are we trading company or manufacturer ?

    A Manufacturer.
  • Q Is the sample order available or not ?

    A Sure, we accept sample order. And the sample time usually is 7 working days.
  • Q Is available to customize the size or model ?

    A OEM service is available.
  • Q Is available to buy the frame or desktop separately ?

    A Available.
  • Q Is it difficult to assembly a desk ?

    A No,it’s very easy to assembly the desk according to the detailed assembly instruction or video assembly instruction.

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