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Kiwidesk-Your Leader in Manufacturing and Wholesale Corner Standing Desks in China

Kiwidesk is an enterprise specializing in lifting mechanisms. Over the years, a company dedicated to the research and development and production of lifting mechanisms and electric height-adjustable corner desks. The corner vertical desks produced by Kiwidesk are novel and fashionable, reliable in quality and reasonable in price. A leader in manufacturing and wholesale corner desks in China. Kiwidesk's professional designers have carefully considered, relying on the combination of high-strength frame and sturdy and reliable triangular mechanics design, and in-depth consideration of the appearance, coordination and stability of the height adjustable corner standing desk, and designed the corner we produced. sit stand desk. Contact Kiwidesk immediately and let our professional talents provide you with a suitable adjustable corner desk solution.
Simple and stylish​​​​​​​
Solid structure​​​​​​​
Health and Environmental Protection
Highly functional​​​​​​​

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Provide One-Stop Stand up Corner Desk solution

In order to meet the needs of different customers, our design specialists can carry out meticulous design and scientific color matching according to your requirements and environment. Provide one-stop service for your electric corner desk. The corner vertical desk table adopts an elegant arc design, which is not only beautiful, but also allows you to make full use of the spacious space of your desktop. You can easily visit all kinds of desktop supplies and provide a convenient reading environment. Secondly, safe rounded corners and anti-knock. Anti-collision, care for the safety of you and your family. Send us your requirements quickly.
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Kiwidesk-High Quality Corner Standing Desk Manufacturer

Kiwidesk is your high-quality adjustable height corner office desk manufacturer in China. Kiwidesk always regards quality requirements as the first requirement of enterprise product development. The company has advanced production equipment and production lines as well as high-quality professional technology and service teams. Kiwidesk has a clean and automated production workshop, adopts advanced and confidential production machinery for intensive, large-scale and efficient production, and strictly controls every process of the product. The high-quality height-adjustable corner vertical desk is highly appreciated by our overseas long-term customers.
Raw material
Laser cutting machine
Numerical control drilling
CNC bending
Automatic welding
Automatic spraying
Manual spraying
Pickling phosphating
Bearing assembly

Professional Corner Standing Desk Service

Kiwidesk electric sit stand corner desk is made of high-quality healthy stainless steel environmental protection sheet and thickened steel frame, thick sheet, hard texture, strong and firm, strong bearing capacity, stable and non-shaking, wear-resistant, no peculiar smell, long service life, table After the surface is mechanically polished, the paint process is adopted, which is smooth to the touch without burrs, stylish and beautiful, giving you a healthy and comfortable office learning experience. As a professional corner standing desk manufacturer, in addition to high-quality products, we also provide very professional corner standing desk services.

  • Customized-service

    Reinforced packaging

    Taking into account the long-term transportation process, to prevent any damage to the stand up corner desk during transportation, Kiwidesk uses reinforced and thickened wooden boxes as the outer packaging of the product, which can reduce the damage rate than ordinary cartons. At the same time, I hope you receive The perfect product.

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    Product development capabilities

    Kiwidesk has been in the development and research of lifting mechanisms and desks for nearly five or six years, and has been learning and exploring. At present, we have product development capabilities and can also develop new products for our customers. If you have any For your needs, please contact us immediately, we will do our best to provide you with new products that satisfy you.
  • Timely-after-sales-service

    After-sales service

    Of course, professional products cannot lack a complete after-sales service team. That's why we will have a group of professional service personnel who have been formally trained and will provide you with solutions online. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with after-sales problems as soon as we see it, please trust us.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Are we trading company or manufacturer ?

    A Manufacturer.
  • Q Is the sample order available or not ?

    A Sure, we accept sample order. And the sample time usually is 7 working days.
  • Q Is available to customize the size or model ?

    A OEM service is available.
  • Q Is available to buy the frame or desktop separately ?

    A Available.
  • Q Is it difficult to assembly a desk ?

    A No,it’s very easy to assembly the desk according to the detailed assembly instruction or video assembly instruction.
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