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China's Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Adjustable Desks

Kiwidesk has always focused on producing ergonomically adjustable desks. As your leading manufacturer of mobile adjustable desks in China, our mobile adjustable desks are perfect for all office spaces. We can provide you with multifunctional and high-quality mobile adjustable desks. Our rolling adjustable desk can move anytime and anywhere, switch office postures at will, effectively improve the fatigue caused by sitting for a long time, and help you improve office efficiency.
Do you need to improve your office status and efficiency? At Kiwidesk, we wholesale rugged, affordable mobile adjustable desks for you in large quantities. We are very willing to provide cooperation and help.
Innovative design​​​​​​​
Budget is right​​​​​​​
Strong and sturdy
Highly functional

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Provide One-Stop Mobile Adjustable Standing Desk Solution

Kiwidesk is a manufacturer of adjustable standing desks that has been established for many years. We have a very in-depth knowledge reserve and practical experience of the lifting mechanism, and we are confident that we can provide you with a professional mobile adjustable desk solution. We can provide you with standard production of mobile adjustable desks, or customize production according to your needs. We provide diversified accessories for frames, table legs, table tops, motors, etc. Various styles and novel design styles. It can meet your aesthetic needs for adjustable standing desks and make the product perfectly match your office space. Relieve fatigue and work efficiently. If you have not found a suitable rolling adjustable desk, please send us a customized request immediately.
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Kiwidesk-Your Reliable Height Adjustable Mobile Desk Supplier in China

Kiwidesk was established in 2014 and is a modern large-scale enterprise focusing on the development and manufacturing of highly adjustable desks. Relying on innovative and technological mobile adjustable desks and personalized high-quality services to maintain long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers in many regions of the world. Kiwidesk is your reliable supplier of height-adjustable mobile desks in China. In order to provide you with higher quality products, we have strict requirements on every aspect of production. All ex-factory products must be inspected by authoritative inspection agencies, and the quality can meet the requirements before they can be shipped. We believe that only by strictly demanding ourselves can we provide better services to our customers.
Raw material
Laser cutting machine
Numerical control drilling
CNC bending
Automatic welding
Automatic spraying
Manual spraying
Pickling phosphating
Bearing assembly

Reliable Adjustable Height Rolling Desk Service

Kiwidesk not only provides you with a professional adjustable desk, but also provides considerate and trustworthy services to our customers. We know that every new customer who buys our adjustable desk will have some worries. But you can rest assured that we can guarantee that our professional team can solve all problems for you.

  • Customized-service

    Professional packaging

    We use reinforced and thickened packaging cartons, which can effectively prevent shock, pressure, and moisture, which guarantees the safety of the product during transportation and reduces your unnecessary losses.
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    Efficient warehouse logistics system

    Kiwidesk has a dedicated large-scale storage center, a standardized product storage and retrieval system, and high work efficiency. The location of the Kiwidesk factory is only two hours away from the Shanghai port, and the transportation is very convenient.​​​​​​​
  • Timely-after-sales-service

    After-sales service

    The professional after-sales team has been trained for a long time, professional and reliable, and can provide you with professional solutions online, worry-free after-sales.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Are we trading company or manufacturer ?

    A Manufacturer.
  • Q Is the sample order available or not ?

    A Sure, we accept sample order. And the sample time usually is 7 working days.
  • Q Is available to customize the size or model ?

    A OEM service is available.
  • Q Is available to buy the frame or desktop separately ?

    A Available.
  • Q Is it difficult to assembly a desk ?

    A No,it’s very easy to assembly the desk according to the detailed assembly instruction or video assembly instruction.
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