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China's Leading Manufacturer of Raisable Desk
KiwiDesk is China's top raisable desk supplier, established in 2014. We focus on lifting mechanisms, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic desk accessories, which have been widely used in many on-site offices, homes, health, industry, etc. We can produce different high-quality raisable desks, including raisable computer desk, electric raisable desk, l shaped raisable desk, raisable office desk and raisable gaming desk, etc., and can provide related accessories, including raisable desk platform and raisable desktop .
Our excellent product quality, competitive price, and reliable service will ensure that our customers gain a strong advantage in the competition. We not only provide large-scale products, but also provide special customized products based on our extensive contacts and close cooperation with many large suppliers in the industry.
With our wide selection of raisable desks, we can assure you that we can meet all your product requirements. Leave us a message today and let us work together to take your business to the next level!

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Provide One-Stop Electric Raisable Desk Solution

KiwiDesk is a manufacturer of adjustable standing desks that has been established for many years. KiwiDesk's raisable table is fully customizable because we also aim to provide our customers with the ultimate customer experience. We can adjust the material, frame, height, etc. according to customer needs. And we have also equipped with related accessories all the year round, so that you can solve all the problems related to raisable table in one stop. We encourage you to browse all our raisable tables, if you can't find what you need, please send us a message immediately. We will be more than happy to cooperate with you so that we can create the best design for your glass raisable computer desk to enhance your company's brand!
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KiwiDesk-Your Reliable Raisable Computer Desk Supplier in China

As a leading raisable office desk manufacturer, we welcome customers who order wholesale raisable office desks for their business. We have a 20,000 square meter factory, equipped with the most advanced technology, aiming to create an ergonomic and comfortable working environment for you. Our raisable computer desk can meet different heights, meeting various sitting and standing functional desks. In addition to appearance design and practical comfort, in terms of raw materials, we pay attention to the selection of green and environmentally friendly materials. The table frame is made of durable iron material, and the surface is powder-coated. They are durable, safe and non-toxic.
We provide competitive prices for all the electric raisable desks for sale, because one of our goals is to help all customers in their business. We welcome you to contact us and request a free quote immediately!
Raw material
Laser cutting machine
Numerical control drilling
CNC bending
Automatic welding
Automatic spraying
Manual spraying
Pickling phosphating
Bearing assembly

Reliable Raisable Desk Desk Service

KiwiDesk not only provides you with a professional raisable office desk, but also provides customers with trustworthy services. We know that every new customer who buys our raisable office desk in bulk will have some concerns. But you can rest assured that excellent product quality, competitive prices, and reliable service will guarantee you the best quality experience in KiwiDesk

  • Customized-service

    Personalized customization

    Our rich production experience and professional production capacity give us the ability to provide customers with special customized products to meet their special needs
  • 1

    Sample processing

    In order to meet the needs of different human bodies and regions, we can provide you with a height-adjustable processing service desk to meet your needs. You can consult us for specific information.
  • Timely-after-sales-service

    Conventional product production

    We specialize in the production of various height-adjustable tables/tables, sitting and standing tables and other related accessories. You can get one-stop service at KiwiDesk

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Are we trading company or manufacturer ?

    A Manufacturer.
  • Q Is the sample order available or not ?

    A Sure, we accept sample order. And the sample time usually is 7 working days.
  • Q Is available to customize the size or model ?

    A OEM service is available.
  • Q Is available to buy the frame or desktop separately ?

    A Available.
  • Q Is it difficult to assembly a desk ?

    A No,it’s very easy to assembly the desk according to the detailed assembly instruction or video assembly instruction.
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