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Kiwidesk-High-Quality Walnut Standing Desk

A high-quality walnut standing desk made of high-quality walnut wood and a combination of strong stainless steel materials. Kiwidesk can provide you with walnut sit stand desks in bulk. Our walnut standing desks have various styles, including l-shaped adjustable desks, corner standing desks and walnut adjustable desks. Our walnut sit stand desks are widely used, suitable for homes, hotels, office buildings, schools and other beds, with high practicability. Let you enjoy a healthy and comfortable office life.
Looking for a walnut vertical desk? Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact Kiwidesk immediately, we provide our customers with exclusive customized services, our expert team will meet your requirements as much as possible, contact us for a free quote.
Modern design
Fair price
Selection of materials

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Provide One-Stop Walnut Standing Desk Solution

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of walnut sit stand desks in China, we provide you with customized services. Our customized service includes legs, lifting methods, frames, motors and most importantly walnut table tops for walnut vertical desks. You can choose different colors of walnut tabletops according to your preferences. Our walnut wood is warm in color and fine in texture. The edges and corners are carefully polished to avoid bumps. The surface is painted, environmentally friendly, burr-free, waterproof and very durable. If you want to customize an exclusive walnut vertical desk, please send us your request.
Please send us your request

Kiwidesk-Professional Manufacturer of Walnut Standing Desks

Kiwidesk is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in lifting mechanisms and desks. Since our establishment, we have five years of export experience. Therefore, we can provide you with a secure walnut standing desk solution. The Kiwidesk factory has professional production equipment and a complete production line with strong production strength, which ensures that our walnut sit stand desks are of high quality. Our complete and scientific quality management system is that we are confident to provide you with a walnut manufacturer that will satisfy you. Up to now, we have provided professional walnut vertical desk solutions for dozens of countries and regions around the world.
Raw material
Laser cutting machine
Numerical control drilling
CNC bending
Automatic welding
Automatic spraying
Manual spraying
Pickling phosphating
Bearing assembly

Professional Walnut Adjustable Desk Service

As a professional walnut adjustable desk manufacturer and supplier, in addition to guaranteeing to provide you with high-quality walnut vertical desks, we also provide customers with high-quality professional services. We are committed to establishing service outlets around the world with high-quality product quality and professional service levels to provide help and cooperation to more customers.

  • Customized-service

    Modern design

    We know how important a beautiful and practical desk is. It not only affects the aesthetics of the entire environment, but also affects personal office efficiency. Therefore, our professional design team will design a walnut standing desk that meets modern aesthetics and is practical according to your office environment and personal needs.

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    Warehouse Logistics

    Our factory has a large storage center, we can provide you with a shorter storage space, so that you have time to relieve storage pressure. Secondly, our general logistics method is by sea. If you have special needs, we can also choose the correct mode of transportation according to your requirements. We always take customer requirements as the first criterion.

  • Timely-after-sales-service

    Accessories supply

    In addition to providing a complete walnut vertical desk solution, we also provide a wide range of accessories. If you need our accessories, we can also supply them in large quantities according to your needs. There are many overseas customers who exclusively wholesale our accessories from Kiwidesk. If you have any requirements, please contact us immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Are we trading company or manufacturer ?

    A Manufacturer.
  • Q Is the sample order available or not ?

    A Sure, we accept sample order. And the sample time usually is 7 working days.
  • Q Is available to customize the size or model ?

    A OEM service is available.
  • Q Is available to buy the frame or desktop separately ?

    A Available.
  • Q Is it difficult to assembly a desk ?

    A No,it’s very easy to assembly the desk according to the detailed assembly instruction or video assembly instruction.
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